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Implementere.no is a self—guided website for the implementation process. The site’s main aim is to give people who work with the implementation of interventions, programs, and policies adequate guidance to carry out their own, successful implementation efforts. 

What is on the website? 

The website has two modules: What do you need to know? and What do you need to do? In the What do you need to know module, basic knowledge about implementation is provided through short texts and videos. 

In What do you need to do, the four-phase model is presented that serves as the practical guide to your implementation work. The model consists of four phases that take practitioners through the implementation process. These phases comprise nine core elements important to achieving good implementation results. Each core element is supported by tools that help to solve various practical tasks. 

Who can benefit from the site? 

The website is designed for those who work in municipal services, specialist health services, child protection welfare services, or other organizations that are important for supporting children and young people. 

Those that have a role in an implementation process may find this site a useful resource for their work. This applies to establishing an implementation project or continuing implementation work that has already begun.  

How is Implementere.no used? 

Implementaion efforts may focus on a measure that has been developed by others or by interventions that were developed locally. Some implementation efforts are complex and involve many components, many professionals, and/or many services. Other times, efforts may be simple and more local. 

The implementation process must be adapted to the measure, program, policy or other effort being implemented. The What do you need to know? module provides understanding of implementation work in general, and an introduction to the Implementere.no model. For more knowledge and a deeper understanding of implementation science, the last topic in the first module, Do you want to know more? has more insight into the scientific basis for the model and implementation efforts in general.  

We recommend that users of the site review the information about the four topics in the What do you need to know? module before proceeding to work with the What do you need to do? module.  

Who developed Implementere.no? 

Implementere.no has been developed with funding from The Norwegian Directorate of Health and The Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs by four regional centers for child and adolescent mental health in Norway  (RKBU Nord, RKBU Midt, RKBU Vest, and RBUP Øst og Sør).